At Mytho, years of experience means we understand that every application is unique, with process requirements dependent on the individual needs and specification of the project. Our extensive array of instruments, tailor-made solutions and services are based on a vast range of application parameters and measurement principles. This enables optimal adaptation to every challenge and environment and allows us to deliver superior water-monitoring solutions.

Water Treatment

Mytho’s water-treatment solutions include high-accuracy dosing pumps, advanced control systems and IoT-enabled devices that deliver 24/7 access to live and historical data on demand for unprecedented operational control and efficiency.

Industrial Processes

In demanding industrial processes such as oil and gas, mining and petrochemical applications, operators can extend the life of their equipment and optimise performance with Mytho’s robust, reliable pump solutions.

Livestock Farming

In livestock applications where supplements are injected into drinking water to help prevent the spread of disease, Mytho’s dosing pump and control systems are trusted by farmers worldwide to achieve high-precision, consistent dosing.


Farmers across the globe benefit from the accuracy and consistency of Mytho’s chemical dosing systems, which are used for injecting fertiliser, pesticides and other additives into irrigation water to help achieve healthy crops and improve yield.

Car Wash

Our automotive care range brings the very best of Mytho to car washing: ultra-precise chemical dosing pumps, intuitive controllers and state-of-the-art probes that deliver world-class performance for vehicle cleaning.

Swimming Pools & Spa's

Mytho’s next-generation swimming pool dosing systems deliver precise, consistent and reliable chlorine injection for constant water-quality control, giving operators peace of mind that water is clean and swimmers are safe.

Pulp & Paper

Mytho’s peristaltic and solenoid-driven dosing pumps are ideal for the injection of dyes, chemicals and other additives in pulp and paper industry applications where a consistent, high-quality end product is essential and mistakes are costly.

Chemical Industry

Within the ever-challenging chemical industry, Mytho delivers world-class solutions liquid dosing and transfer solutions that achieve exceptional chemical compatibility for precise, consistent performance and extensive equipment life.

Drinking Water

Mytho is on hand to help drinking water treatment operators sustainably achieve their goals with our dedicated monitoring and management systems, including professional chemical dosing pumps, controllers and probes.


For on-site wastewater treatment plants handling infectious and contaminated liquid, Mytho’s dosing pumps are the professional’s choice for accurate, reliable chemical injection prior to discharge.

Cooling Towers

Mytho’s intelligent, user-friendly and robust control and measurement systems have long been trusted by cooling water treatment professionals to overcome the dual challenge of reducing fresh water consumption while preventing corrosion, scaling and microbiological growth.

Food & Beverage

In food and beverage production, Mytho dosing pumps deliver precise, consistent injection of liquid ingredients to achieve the specific product flavour and texture that consumers expect.


For the treatment of process water in textile production, Mytho’s world-leading pumps and probes help managers monitor and control effluent as part of their environmentally responsible operations.

Metal & Mining

Mytho’s ATEX-approved metering pumps are designed specifically for efficient, consistent and safe operation in explosive atmospheres such as mines.