Mytho was born in 2011, when a team of highly skilled, experienced water-treatment professionals came together with a brief to design, manufacture and distribute high-performance metering pumps and chemical analysis systems for a global market. Mytho began life as a supplier to renowned OEMs and private labels keen to offer their customers the industry’s finest metering pumps. In 2020, Mytho took its products to a wider market, enabling the entire water treatment and industrial sectors to benefit from these superior systems.

Mutual Respect




Research & Development

Mytho’s R&D operation is so refined that we have struck the perfect balance between cost and reliability, using only premium components yet delivering an affordable solution.

Optional enhancements

We’ve created a range of optional accessories to complement and enhance your pump, such as atomisers, instrumentation, custom connections and heating systems.

Solutions for the toughest environments

Mytho manufactures high-end dosing systems capable of coping with any operating environment including extreme pressures and flow rates, adverse temperatures, marine locations and explosive environments (ATEX).


Superior system design delivers exceptionally stable dosing for repeatable results in even the most complex processes


While Mytho pumps house complex cutting-edge technology, we ensure that using them is a breeze with intuitive interfaces that make operation clear and simple


The use of premium components ensures that Mytho systems achieve high performance and extensive service life with reduced maintenance requirement


Robust, durable systems that are built to last and won’t let you down no matter how demanding your application